Brooklyn Youth Policy Council

Change your Government

Who We Are

We are North Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan 8-12th graders who advise our city, state, and federal officials on issues relevant to our age group and our lives -- from education to climate change to racial justice to the 2020 census. We both add our input on pending legislative matters, and suggest new, out of the box solutions to issues we care about. The Youth Policy Council is a unique opportunity to make real change by working directly with our own representatives.


Meet the Representatives

Every month, we meet with the following elected officials and their offices:

Jo Anne


State Assemblymember

Brian Kavanagh

State Senator

Nydia Velazquez

US House of Representatives



NYC Councilmember


Get to Know Us...

Where Will the Youth Council Meet?

We generally meet in Downtown Brooklyn in college classrooms or Borough Hall. Accessibility is a priority; all locations will be wheelchair accessible. Meeting spaces will also be accessibly by the 2/3, 4/5, A/C R, F and J trains.

How Long Will my Term be?

In the application, there is space to indicate whether you wish to serve on the Council for a semester (3-4 months) or a year (8-9 months), however we recommend serving for a year.


How Old Do I Need to be to join? Who Participates?

The Youth Policy Council consists of 8-12th graders who live or attend school in one or more of the Representative's districts -- generally the Downtown and North Brooklyn area and Lower Manhattan. Participants come from a diverse array of backgrounds and have different levels of prior civic engagement, but are united by our drive to do good and make our voices heard.

Who Will We be Meeting With?

The Council will meet with legislators and their staffers alike to advise on current legislation, and make recommendations on issues that everyday students face.

How Many Students Serve on the Council?

Typically, about 15-20 students will serve on the council at a time. Participants are a diverse group of teenagers living or attending school in one or more of the Representative's districts.

We will meet roughly once per month after school hours. The meeting time will be decided at the beginning of every semester based on the participants schedules.

Apply Today

To join the Brooklyn Youth Council please fill out this brief application. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


How Often Will the Council Meet?